Works For Me Wednesday

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I do not enjoy doing the laundry. My friend Karla believes that there is a sermon in laundry somewhere. She says if Adam and Eve had never fallen we would never have had to wash a single article of clothing. I think perhaps she has wishful thinking. She too has 4 children so she knows my plight of never ending piles of dirty clothes. I was reading Lifeasamom blog the other day and enjoyed her guest blog about laundry. You can see it here. Many good tips on getting together a laundry system. Here at our house I implement the system of "everyone helps with the laundry". My children know that by the time they turn 9 they are forever responsible for washing and drying their own clothes. I occasionally help them out, but for the most part my 2 oldest boys do their own laundry. I guess you could say that my #1 tip for doing the laundry is teaching your children how to wash, dry and put away their own clothing. My 2 year old is now able to help as well. He helps match his socks and he also takes up small stacks of his clothing to his room, where I put it away. If you have a large family it is imperative that everyone help out. Otherwise you would never get a break and the laundry would be piled to the ceiling.