Help! I'm Designing!

My husband and I have decided that it is time to design our home. To be honest, we have very little experience in designing, but we're eager to start turning our home into something that we're proud of. We're going to begin with the bedroom that our 2 oldest boys share. When we first moved in 5 years ago we let them chose any paint color that they wanted for their bedroom. This is our first house and they were excited to design a room to their preferences. They went with blue and lime green. Not my first choices by any means, but it was what they wanted. So we went for it. Now, however, the room looks a little too much like a circus for them. I'm excited that the room will no longer hurt my eyes when I venture in. :) So we're doing a huge overhaul. Out goes the twin/twin bunkbeds and old carpet and paint. In is coming a new twin/full bunkbed, paint and we're going to redo the hardwoods under the carpet. We have our work cut out for us. This weekend we will be painting so I know that by Monday I will be completely exhausted. Since we have such bright colors on the walls right now we definitely have to prime the walls before we can paint. Stay tuned for before and after photos!

If you're looking for inspiration I've been reading a bunch of design blogs. here some good ones.
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