Works for Me Wednesday

I have posted before about schedules. Go here to read more about how I make schedules. I think that as a mom it is so important to have a daily schedule. Some readers were wondering about my chore schedule. Well, I have to admit that I do not like doing chores. I would much rather take the kids to the library than mop the kitchen floor, but as we all know the house does not clean itself. So here is my chore schedule that works for me. Enjoy!

Sunday: Day of rest. Truly. The only thing I do on Sundays is prepare for the week ahead. I look at my week and plan it accordingly.
Monday: I mostly just tidy up from the weekend. I don't know why but over the weekend we make lots of messes. I launder the towels and put things away from room to room. No deep cleaning.
Tuesday: I launder the whites. Dusting and vacuuming are the main chores for Tuesdays.
Wednesdays: My older boys launder their clothes. I clean the bathrooms.
Thursdays: I launder my daughter and my youngest son's clothes. I vacuum again. I mop the kitchen floor thoroughly and mop our hardwoods as well.
Fridays: I launder my husbands clothes as well as iron his work shirts if needed. I prepare for the weekend. Anything that hasn't been attended to gets done on Fridays. If laundry was not put away it gets put away. If any clutter has accumulated somewhere this is the day that it gets tidied.
Saturday: Family day. We enjoy each other and spend time together as a family as much as we can. However, if there is a large house project that needs to be done this is the day that it gets done.

Now you are probably wondering when do I wash dishes or when does the lawn get mowed. Well, dishes and cooking are daily chores. I don't put them on my list because they need to be done everyday. Just like sweeping the kitchen floor. I do that every single day and sometimes after every meal. Mowing the lawn is a kid chore done by one of my older children. Other chores that I delegate are folding laundry, washing windows, wiping out the sinks, and any others that I can think of. I do have a monthly chore chart and a quarterly chore chart as well. I will share those at a later time.