Works for me Wednesday

I love organization. For me it is the only way to keep my sanity. Part of organization for me is making a daily schedule. With four children, a husband, a dog and a turtle my life can get pretty hectic. In the summer we are definetly more relaxed, but during the school year we live by our schedules. Here's my tips for getting your home to run more smoothly.

  1. Look at your week. Make note of when you do things. Write down when you and your family eat, sleep and what you do when you are at home. You will start to see a pattern.
  2. Write in activities that you do on a consistent basis. Like piano lessons or a playdate that takes place every week. Perhaps you like to keep a tight rein on the t.v. If so jot in the t.v. time too.
  3. Make sure to put in your daily/weekly chores. For example, I grocery shop on Wednesdays, do laundry every day, mop kitchen on Fridays, etc..
  4. Write in what day you plan your menu. Make sure to follow through with this! We all eat three times a day. Knowing ahead of time what you will make is essential for a household to run smoothly.
  5. Make lists for your children. Jot down what needs to be done everyday before they can leave the house. Do this for the school year as well. Write down what needs to be down every morning before school and afternoon when they return home. Children love routine and studies show that it gives them a more sense of security.
  6. Lastly, know that this schedule will be tweaked and changed all the time. It is meant to help you organize your day not rule your day.
I hope this inspires you to structure you day more. Enjoy! For more help with this visit these sites: simplemom, flylady,