Works for me Wednesday

It's time for another Works for me Wednesday. Yesterday I posted about a great deal on some board games. In that post I mentioned I buy gifts for Christmas and birthdays or whatever throughout the year.

My most important rule to follow is to try and buy everything for 70% off or more. I do not like to pay full price for anything.

Here's how I keep track of everything:
1. I start with a list* where I write down everyone I can think of that I need to buy a gift for throughout the year.
2. I correspond the name list with when I need a gift for them. Do they need a gift at Christmas, birthday, wedding gift etc..
3. I then write in the dollar amount that ideally I would spend. Meaning, I would normally spend $20 on a birthday so I write that amount in next their name.
4. I keep my list with me in my purse so that it is always available.
*My list is an excel sheet. Essentially in the columns are these headings: name, occasion, amount, gift purchased, original amount, sale amount, savings amount.

Now the shopping. I am at Walmart or Target all the time so it only takes a second to browse the clearance areas for great gifts. My favorite store is Target because they have great clearance throughout the year. I also scour the web a couple of times a month to look for great deals. The deals I mentioned yesterday will make nice birthday presents for parties that my children will attend next year. I only spent $5 on one game that retails for 16.99. This deal was 70% off the orginal price. Now I can cross off some names on my list. If you add up all the $ you save throughout the year sale shopping it is sure to make you smile.

If I were to only sale shop for my children's birthdays and
I only bought inexpensive gifts here's how it would look:
4 presents at $20 each for four children = $320
4 presents at 70% off $20 each for four children = $96
Savings = $224

This is a huge savings! Just think if you do that for every gift that you purchase!