Works for me Wednesday

It's a themed week at WFMW. Cleaning is the topic so make sure to head over to We Are That Family to see everyone's cleaning tips!

My #1 cleaning tip is clean as you go. Often when I am making dinner I tidy up the kitchen or go through the junk mail. Sometimes when I'm watching tv I clip coupons or clean out my purse. Make all tasks mini multi-tasks.

My #2 cleaning tip is Pick up before you go to bed. I love waking up to a tidy home so before bed I try to clean up the house by doing small things. I put away remotes, clean up the coffee table, fluff pillows, etc..

My #3 cleaning tip is to make sure and load the dishwasher to full. Many times I only have a small load to wash so to fill up the dishwasher I throw in other things that can be cleaned like small toys or odds and ends. This helps not only with germs but makes the dishwasher more efficient.