Works for Me Wednesday

I've discovered that many women, including myself, have trouble with laundry. Here are my rememdies for homemade stain removers. These all work for me! 

  • Use Fels Napth soap, found in the grocery store in laundry aisle, simply wet the stain and the bar of soap and rub into stain. I like to place a bar of soap in a mesh bag for easier application. If you can't find Fels Naptha, Ivory Soap is a great alternative.
  • Use Oxy Clean mix. 1 cup of water with 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. I like to soak it overnight in this solution.
  • For oil stains, I use amonia. This is also found in the grocery store laundry aisle. I just add 1 cup to the wash.
  • Grass stains I use warm water and vinegar. Simply scrub it into the stained area and launder as usual.
  • For blood stains use table salt. Dampen stain with water and sprinkle on table salt. Rub it in and then wash garment. If stain is persistent add a drizzle amonia to solution.
  • Fruit stains, swab with cold water and rub in some vinegar. Wash as normal.
  • To whiten yellowed whites. Just add 1 cup of vinegar to wash.
  • Coke. I haven't tried this but a friend told me that it gets out everything. We normally don't have this around so I haven't had a chance to try it.
I hope this helps some of you with those tough laundry stains. I do have to say that my #1 stain remover is still just plain old Fels Naptha. Enjoy!