I am a firm believer in children helping out around the house. I have a wide range of ages here, one year old - 13 year old, so it can be difficult to give everyone something that they can do and do well. Chores are a valuable lesson to teach, and more importantly, I could not manage the house without their help. Here at our house everyone does some kind of chore 6 days a week. I try to make Sunday a true day of rest with only the minimal amount of tidying done. I assign chores the morning of each day on the chalk board in my kitchen. I use to have specific weekly chores for the children, but I decided that didn't work for us. Now, I think that my children are learning more about housekeeping by doing a variety of chores each day. Here is a simple list of 10 chores that my children do with age appropriateness. Enjoy!
  • put dirty laundry in hamper - 2 & up
  • unload or load dishwasher -5 & up
  • sweep kitchen - 4 & up
  • dust - 4 & up
  • recycling - 4 & up
  • feed pets - 4 & up
  • vacuum - 8 & up
  • mop kitchen - 8 & up
  • clean toilets - 10 & up
  • take out trash - 11 & up