Works For Me Wednesday

Every spring is my purging time. I go through every room in our house and make three piles.

1. Save pile. These items either get relocated to their appropriate place or get boxed up and put away in the garage. I don't like to save a lot of things because there really isn't much room to do so and who needs more stuff? Things that I continually do save are clothes to pass down to the next child. In my family we have three boys. Any clothes that can be saved to pass down is wonderful.
2. Trash pile. Anything that is obviously trash. Broken or stained items go here.
3. Donate or Resale pile. Anything that we haven't used in a year gets thrown into this pile. Also anything that I can't foresee us using goes here as well. This year that pile is getting rather big. I've decided to use these items to make a profit by holding a garage sale in the near future. (More on how to organize a garage sale soon)

I try to clean sweep our house throughout the year, but it doesn't always get done or at least not done properly. So, near the end of school is a good time of year for me to reevaluate everything that we put in our house. I know this task can seem daunting, but it is very therapeutic for me. This task does take some time. I generally do 1-2 rooms a week. So it takes me about 6-7 weeks to finish. My advice is to start small. Maybe just purge your office area since this is an area that can get overrun with things. Or maybe just look through all closets and discard anything that hasn't been worn in a year. I hope this motivates you to clean sweep your home. You never know. You might find something you thought was long gone. Maybe you will find so many things you no longer need that you can donate or resale them.