I haven't been to the grocery store in awhile. I was trying to see how long we could make it on what I have on hand for meals. So, since the fridge was not well stocked I took it upon myself to give it a thorough cleaning before heading to the grocery again.

I believe that an organized fridge will help me spend less time with the door open. This is my strategy for a helpful, tidy fridge.
  • Use soap and water to wipe down all surfaces of fridge. Don't forget to take out the drawers and clean underneath them.
  • Discard anything expired or unknown.
  • Vacuum or sweep underneath the fridge. If you can reach the coils vacuum them as well.
  • Create zones for everything. Drinks, snack, leftovers, veggies, fruit, etc..
  • Don't put easily perishable items on the door (eggs and milk).
  • Put cooked meat on the very bottom shelf to avoid contaminating other items.
  • Invest in stackable containers to use only in the fridge.
  • Start cleaning out the fridge once a week. I think I will do it the night the trash needs to go out. I think this will help me to remember. :)
I hope this list helps you start your way to a clean and tidy fridge. Enjoy!