It's Spring! Even though it doesn't really feel like spring in my area, it is time to start thinking/doing spring cleaning. My mom was a great role model on how to clean rooms correctly. Every week I had to help her clean the house. I mean really clean the house. Even though I hated it at the time, I now appreciate the life tools that she taught me. So, on to tidy thursday. I have started my spring cleaning to do list. Have you? Spring cleaning is a great way to help you keep your home cleaner throughout the summer. Here's 10 tips on how to spring clean your bathrooms:
1. Dust down ceilings and corners.
2. Dust all vents. You might even have to use a mild cleanser to clean out all the grime that can get on them.
3. Take down all the curtains. Wash them according to directions. If you use a vinyl shower curtain replace it.
4. Scrub the shower and toilet. I love my magic erasers! They really work well in the bathtub.
5. Scrub down the toilet making sure to get the base and behind the toilet as well as the handle.
6. Wash bathroom rugs.
7. Sweep and mop floor.
8. Empty trash and wash the trash can.
9. Clean out medicine cabinet and wipe it down.
10. Clean out any other containers, closets, and drawers in the bathroom. Wipe them all down before putting things back away.